SpaceCatch Joins List of Rich Metaverse Games on BSC

SpaceCatch centers around an upgradable avatar and exploring a world full of different monster species.
  • SpaceCatch offers a pre-beta experience with free access.
  • The game will launch NFT with KYC screening and become a partner of Binance NFT.
  • Skins, raids, new mystery boxes coming to the game in 2023.

SpaceCatch is a mix of metaverse and move-to-earn game, offering a visually rich world to its users. The game’s items recently became part of the BinanceNFT ecosystem after adding screening KYC features for verified users.

SpaceCatch centers around an upgradable Avatar, the key to moving in the metaverse and catching invasive alien species. The main approach of SpaceCatch is similar to that of Genopets, where metaverse exploration and missions are combined with daily step logging to produce upgrades. 

SpaceCatch is now trending while building up its product for mass adoption. The game has all the elements to succeed, including an upcoming mobile app with free-to-play access.

Currently SpaceCatch is showcasing its pre-alpha game, with its map and 3D metaverse visuals. The game project is offering limited pre-beta access, and has completed most of its tokenomics which will go fully live with the launch of mobile versions. 

SpaceCatch aims to fulfill the goal of linking Web2 gaming with Web3 features, while offering a mix of metaverse and open world exploration with NFT and tokens. SpaceCatch will also work as an augmented reality game to encourage movement.

SpaceCatch Prepares for Multiple NFT Mints

SpaceCatch is now preparing to boost its NFT minting activity, with several types of items. The game’s main Heroes will arrive as PFP NFT items. Additionally, SpaceCatch will add mystery loot boxes to encourage engagement. 

SpaceCatch will also add a skins system, and move forward with a token generation and distribution event. While the game will be free to play, owning CATCH tokens will also bring additional benefits and chances to own items in the game. 

The CATCh token will be based on Binance Smart Chain, with the potential for decentralized trading.

SpaceCatch will also build toward a community marketplace, later to be replaced by a new NFT market. As the game progresses, leveling systems will be introduced, as well as attacks and raids. SpaceCatch will also offer mini-games set in the same universe.

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