Sparkwave Offers Loyalty Tools for Web3 Projects

Sparkwave is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and more leading blockchains.
  • Sparkwave offers white-label, customizable additions to all Web3 projects.
  • The tool is compatible with most top blockchains and types of apps, including Web3 games.
  • Rewards include tokens, NFT, or Discord roles as incentives.

Web3 popularity hinged on the value of some of the hot NFT and tokens. But some of the projects aim to build up loyalty based on their products and features. Sparkwave is one of the toolsets available to add loyalty programs to blockchain-based startups. 

Sparkwave offers customizable tools for engaging users through gamification and perks. Sparkwave is specifically created for Web3 projects to create reward campaigns.

Recently, Sparkwave’s app was added to Product Hunter, aiming to draw in more Web3 projects. Sparkwave offers tools to track user actions, and reward them with prizes for each blockchain interaction or activity. 

Sparkwave Encourages On-Chain Activity

Not all apps require on-chain activities all the time. But for some, engagement may rise if users learn to connect and use their tokens or NFT. 

Sparkwave tracks and rewards multiple actions, such as buying tokens, staking, governance votes, or any other interaction with smart contracts. Minting and burning NFT can also be added to a loyalty point program. Sparkwave may also assist in building missions, including social media followings. 

Sparkwave is a Customizable, No-Code Solution

Sparkwave targets projects with a no-code solution, requiring no changes to the core app. The reward mechanisms are fully developed and tested on Sparkwave, only requiring deployment, and include full management of the rewards. Sparkwave is white label, and can be customized based on the style and features of Web3 apps.

All that is required is to open the Sparkwave panel and customize the types of rewards and missions, depending on the app’s features. After that, the newly created widget can be added to Web3 app sites, to create long-term programs or special events. 

Sparkwave works as a fully integrated tool, matching the website’s style. Account verification is handled automatically as well, including through social media profiles. Sparkwave supports several types of rewards, including token airdrops, NFT, free swaps, or Discord roles as incentives.

Sparkwave is compatible with some of the major Web3 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and others. Sparkwave offers rewards for DeFi apps, games or other types of blockchain-based products.

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