Clash Row Now in Open Beta, Brings Anime-Style Game with Earnings

Clash Row uses NEAR protocol, offering a schedule to swap in-game tokens and monetize earnings.

Clash Row is joining the list of anime games, offering a fully launched open beta product with earnings opportunities. Clash Row is constantly evolving, with season-based content for PvP. Clash Row is now a live mobile game, with a more dynamic version of attacks and defenses. The game scored more than 10K downloads on Google Play. 

Clash Row is also boosting engagement by adding special rewards during the season. The rewards cannot be obtained during regular gameplay and without ranking in the leaderboards. The game is also similar to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, with planned regular updates, items, terrain additions and prizes.

Clash Row has been listed recently among P2E games, and is now gaining traction since the public beta launch on May 18.

Clash Row is a mix of battle games with tower defense, as well as civilization-building. The goal of players is to build encampments or to choose and summon the creatures to hold attack waves. The task is to either survive the attack and repel the enemies, or overpower the opponent’s camp.

Players need to own a Hero NFT in order to produce buildings and camps. Only buildings tied to a Hero can also be owned as NFT.

After an update, Clash Row offers a more dynamic strategy, where players can own and train both Units, or Heroes, and engage in dynamic battles. The previous version of the game included mostly semi-idle looting. 

Clash Row Relies on Near Protocol

All Clash Row players must engage with the NEAR blockchain, one of the fast low-fee solutions. For this, all players will need to set up a NEAR wallet. The game is accessible with the Sender wallet, available as a browser extension. 

Clash Row is tokenized with CRTL assets, which are price-controlled and valued at $0.50. Withdrawals and swaps are not available at all times, but at a predictable schedule, to avoid runs on the game and devaluation. Additionally, there is a daily rate of swapping CRTL for NEAR, and a limit to the tokens to be swapped, so the game’s economy of resources cannot be exploited to create oversupply.

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