Speed Throne Prepares for Alpha Collection Mint

Speed Throne offers 1,000 car collections with added benefits for the game’s future.
  • Speed Throne is a game in development, to be based on the Cardano and Ethereum blockchain.
  • So far, the game offered the Prime Collection of digital cars, with two more mints prepared by the end of 2023.
  • The game beta is expected in Q3, with e-sports tournaments and tokenized rewards.

Speed Throne is trending, mostly due to the run up to its NFT mint on February 2. The racing game offered a preview on how the NFT cars would look within the racing. Along with the mint, there is a 100 ADA giveaway for social media tasks. 


The next mint will be known as the Alpha series, and there may be two more collections by the end of 2023. Speed Throne collections include 1,000 cars, and there is still a chance to buy some of the earlier releases on the secondary market.

Speed Throne is a racing game built using Unreal Engine 5, and offering varied vehicle physics for a skill-based race. The game also offers a multi-chain experience and is already offering its Prime series NFT on the Cardano blockchain. Top NFT from the Prime collection are on offer for 5,500 ADA, though the usual asking price is around 150 ADA. 

Speed Throne Will Go the NFT-First Route

Cardano is not the usual selection for games, and there are only a few projects built on this blockchain. Speed Throne may be the most ambitious one, mixing a PC game with blockchain features for ownership. 

Speed Throne will also offer its assets on Ethereum, to make it more inclusive of players with no Cardano network experience. The goal for the game is to spread its NFT first, followed by tokenization and a game launch. 

Speed Throne will launch later this year with a closed alpha release, with the beta version expected in Q3. In the meantime, more NFT collections will drop, as well as the token sale. The actual multiplayer mode will arrive close to the end of 2023. 

This is not a usual path for games in 2023, where finished products can create a faster adoption. Despite this, Speed Throne is gaining attention and may add the chance of earning free NFT, token giveaways or partnership prizes. Owning NFT from previous collections will grant special Discord roles, as well as privileges in future mints. 


However, the best approach is not to over-invest in the game while waiting for the actual product and the addition of earnings through tournaments.

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