Spider Tanks, Top Gala Games Product, Reaches Official Launch Milestone

Gala Games released another long-awaited game with earning opportunities and upcoming tournaments.
  • Spider Tanks is now free-to-play with SILK earnings and options to buy Tank NFT.
  • The game was one of the long-awaited headlines from Gala Games.
  • Spider Tanks offers small team competition, as well as tournament seasons.

Spider Tanks has been one of the long-awaited battlers with NFT options, presented by Gala Games. Spider Tanks took a long time to reach its launch, in the meantime using NFT as a promotional tool.


The Spider Tanks gameplay is based on a brawler-style battle, where specially equipped Tank NFT can unleash their powers. Spider Tanks takes up the approach of NFT collectible games, giving its tanks unique and variable features. 

The brawler game will be free for all with optional ownership, and Spider Tanks calls itself a Web3 e-sports game. The launch is part of Gala Games shifting away from crypto and into Web3. Despite this, the game is also setting up multiple winning opportunities, as well as NFT drops and rewards for its players. 

Additionally, by the end of 2022, the roadmap of Spider Tanks suggests the arrival of the first playable season, as well as the launch of SILK tokens. In the early stages, SILK testnet tokens were used, but the game’s intention is to award SILK after each victory against an opposing team. SILK can then either be traded, or used to buy more NFT to advance in the game. 

Previously, Spider Tanks held short-term tournaments with limited-time prize pools. Now, the game creates demand for teams, where NFT owners can become captains and bring other players to gain advantage. 

Spider Tanks NFT Still Retain Value

In the months ahead of the official NFT launch, Spider Tanks also saw its NFT gain traction. The collection reached 3,294 ETH in trading volume over time, with an average price of 0.02 ETH. Even without buying NFT, players can pick up free tanks and upgrade later, using their SILK earnings.

Tanks are currently selling based on rarity features, ranging between around 150K GALA and as high as 47M GALA. The game also features playable Bodies and Weapons NFT. The GALA market price increased in the past days, up to around $0.04 after falling to a low of $0.03.

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