Sunflower Land Moves to Dynamic NFT Era

Sunflower Land still asks for $5 in MATIC to mint one farm per account.
  • Sunflower Land showcased Farmer NFT with new designs.
  • SFL keeps up price levels at $0.15.
  • Game is still among the most widely played, though with lower on-chain activity.

Sunflower Land is growing – this time, introducing a new playable character with dynamic features. The game’s team hinted a few days ago that Farmer characters were in the making, showcasing some of the designs. 

The new playable characters will use a soul-bound token record, while also offering a more interesting dynamic NFT. For now, most of the in-game NFT and rare items remain on the internal marketplace, saving on gas costs for listing on OpenSea. 

Currently, the only type of NFT with highly active trading is the Farm token, which is the entry point into the game. Each account can mint one Farm token, and so far, Sunflower Land has not announced additional farm mints. Farms are still just under 150K, possibly expecting another limited extension. Multi-accounting is noted and punished in the game, destroying some of the farm NFT.

Sunflower Land Retains Players, Mostly Off-Chain

For now, the player count on Sunflower Land is down to 1.27K players, a significant drop from a peak of 33.65K players. On a weekly basis, Sunflower Land still lined up among top Polygon games.

But the player count may also reflect NFT farm activity, with multiple gameplays occurring off the blockchain. Currently, players must pay the MATIC equivalent of $1 for asset withdrawals, either NFT or in-game items. 

The Sunflower Land Twitter has nearly 40K followers, a feat for a game using mostly organic growth strategies. Additional user reporting shows the game may actually have 100K monthly active users, mostly off-chain for the game’s activities.

SFL, the game’s native token, is also relatively inactive, standing around $0.15 on limited trading. SFL currently depends mostly on CoinEx, with almost on activity on QuickSwap. This may change, as QuickSwap recently added SFL to its default token list, expecting more liquidity to support price discovery. 

The token can also be used within the game to upgrade items. MATIC, the Polygon token needed to participate in the game, is slightly down to $0.56. The game still requires $5 in MATIC to mint a new farm, with only a few thousand remaining.

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