Sunflower Land Offers Limited Player-to-Player Trades

Sunflower Land aims to grow organically and offer engaging digital farming experiences.
  • Player-to-player trading is the last stage of the Sandbox stage.
  • More farms banned for suspected bot activity, no resale as NFT possible.
  • SFL holds above $0.15 on increased trading activity.

Players may be on the lookout for a newly traded item on Sunflower Land. The Wandering Trader now has Trading Tickets on offer. Each one allows for three trades between players without adding MATIC fees.

The trades can be achieved via the Goblin Village trading station. Sunflower Land had signaled its readiness to build trading mechanics, to exchange some of the raw materials, crops and mined items between players. The trading system, when implemented completely, will be the last update in the Sandbox stage of the game.

Sunflower Land currently allows for NFT listing, but there is limited trading of crafted items. The game now has 147.4K farms, closing in on the limit of 150K before eventually adding another mint chance. But the list of banned farms is growing, diminishing that number and possibly adding value to vetted farms. 

Sunflower Land Returns as Top Polygon Game

Sunflower Land suddenly saw its player count rise to 12.3K per day. The game once again secured the top spot on the Polygon network, after falling from the top 5 briefly. 

Sunflower Land had fallen to around 1,300 players, and for now the rapid rise in activity looks unexplained. The game remains driven partially by bots, and there is significant activity on its farm resale and mint smart contract.

There are 138,604 addresses holding farms, possibly having some of the wallets with more than one farm. The game’s goal is to avoid multi-accounting, relying on a land extension later in 2022 to make the game more productive and engaging. 

SFL Remains at $0.15

SFL is also unusually stable, as there is little selling pressure for the token. SFL traded at $0.15, with increased liquidity on the CoinSwap exchange. SFL trading, however, is extremely slim, with just around $4,000 in value being traded each day. The slow growth of SFL underscores the plan of Sunflower Land to be a game-first experience with organic growth.

SFL/MATIC is another busy trading pair, though depending on decentralized price discovery on the QuickSwap exchange.

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