Sunflower Land Prepares for Launch of New SFL Token

Sunflower Land started as a grass-roots game and offers a multi-asset economy with varied strategies.
  • Token launch and withdrawals may start on May 10, no pricing information yet.
  • 128K farms now produce crops and craftable items with varied SFL pricing.
  • Sunflower Land still allows harvesting bots, yet so far avoids malicious overproduction.

Sunflower Land reached the set date for the minting of the SFL token. Since April 7, SFL balances have been accruing in the game, and were active in buying items and crafting. With the arrival of a Polygon-based token, SFL will try to gain a presence in crypto trading and have a chance at exchanging for fiat.

SFL is not yet present on the Polygon network. The SL token presented has 128,071 addresses and is an ERC-271 non-fungible asset. This smart contract, with 117,187 unique owners, represents the farms generated over the course of the past month. There are still no smart contracts for SFL, and the only transfers are of farms being bought and sold for profit.

Token creation may, however, happen in the next 24 hours. The game has prepared other big announcements and features for May 10, and SFL withdrawals will be one of the upgrades.

Sunflower Land Aims for Crop to Recipe Upgrades

Sunflower Land established a base of 34.66K users, after onboarding legacy users with another 50K playing spots. Some of the legacy farmers are complaining that the period to migrate the farms were too short, so not all joined the new game smart contract.

On OpenSea, a total of 128K farms are on offer, with a floor price of 0.002 ETH. Those statistics once again put Sunflower Land as the most widely used game on the Polygon network. 

Sunflower Land is also a game with a detailed economy, and a relatively slow balance of crop production. This creates bottlenecks for some of the crops and items, avoiding overproduction. Farmers can also specialize and chase after different buildings and achievements, each requiring a type of crop. There is also some informal trading happening within the game. 

Crops on Sunflower Land also start out as very rare and valuable, later halving their SFL price. The game allows for limited bot usage for harvesting, though it will not decrease the time to grow crops. SFL will be key to buying crop seeds and upgrading from crops to recipes.

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