Sunflower Land: Watch Out for Rare Crafting Recipes

Sunflower Land (SFL) prepares for new rare crafting recipes to produce new collectible items.

Sunflower Land continues to develop in its pre-token stage, adding new farms and items. The game is just a week away from launching the SFL token for trading. In that interim period, SFL is rolled back into the game, for new items and crafting opportunities. 

Sunflower Land warned to only follow crafting offers from the official social media, and avoid any unsolicited offers to buy or mint game items. Currently, Sunflower Land works with a shorter list of items, crops and buildings, with more promised in the coming months.

Sunflower Land to Pick Up Items, Crops, New Farm Mints

  • Sunflower Land just a week from releasing SFL token, tentative trading start expected.
  • New 50K playing slots and farms expected soon.
  • Game to release new rare collectible crafting recipes.

Sunflower Land now has more than 116K farms minted, with the growth slowing in the past week. The game has invited bot action, but only to automate crop production, which cannot be speeded up. Sunflower Land has a relatively slow economy, requiring a strict and paced growth of crops and items to upgrade later. The chief goal of the game is to give earnings without creating an oversupply.

Currently, the game is showing a pickup in wheat production. More farms will be offered after May 9, as for now land ownership is limited to Discord server participants and owners of assets from the game’s initial version. Those that played Sunflower Farmers have the chance to create a farm before May 4 to be eligible for a special airdrop.

After the initial mint, there are expectations for 50K new farms coming on the NFT market. Sunflower Land has 32.65K active players per day and is solidly the busiest game on Polygon. Temporarily, users have diminished somewhat from a peak at 50.5K players. 

Farm NFT trading is also highly active, with more than 1,000 items changing hands each day. Until now, the farm market has 169 ETH in sales, with a 0.002 ETH floor price. Hundreds of collectible items also change hands each day, at a price of 0.013 ETH on average and more than 290 ETH in volume. The items are not overpriced and instead trade between $5 and $50. 

Sunflower Land is still following its track as a casual game that also produces value, with no signs of speed-running into a game entirely focused on growth and earnings.

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