Sunflower Land Reaches Land Expansion Testing Live on Polygon

Sunflower Land remains attractive as the end of the Goblin Wars is now about a week away, and a new challenge may arrive soon.
  • Sunflower Land developers are already testing the Land Expansion update.
  • Players will need Wood and Stone resources to expand on an island game map.
  • Sunflower Land clothing collection boosts SFL usage for resales.

Sunflower Land is getting one step closer to the Land Expansion stage. The play-to-own game is transparent about its development process. This time, Land Expansion is already tested with live connections to the Polygon exchange.

Land Expansion will be the main resource gameplay, where all farm owners will need to gather Wood and Stone. With those two resources, they can build their own island and own all other buildings, items and crops. 

The next Land Expansion stage will also follow a new batch of accounts minted as NFT. Sunflower Land promised to bring in new Beta players in November, before a wider release. 

The game also suggested building is getting closer, rendering a new type of farm based on an island map. 

Sunflower Land NFT Ownership Still Important

Farms in their current form can be bought or sold for 2-5 MATIC in their usual asking price, though some of the farms have also changed hands at a much higher price. But the goal of Sunflower Land was not to create a bidding war on farms. Instead, it had a one-farm-per-player account rule, to give partial ownership of the game. 

Bumpkins are also still not resold on OpenSea, as each farm owner can mint one bumpkin. But clothes and equipment items already have a lively secondary market. New items or exclusive clothing reach valuations of 15-20 SFL, while basic features and equipment trade for 10-30 SFL, or more for exclusive items. 

Sunflower Land is also highly active in constantly generating more items in its simple pixelated style, and players can also produce additional clothing items to sell. 

Sunflower Land is a play-to-own game, but some of the trades and SFL transfers happen within the game. There are incentives to keep SFL for upgrades instead of cashing out. SFL remained relatively stable, though it fell toward $0.09, affected by the overall crash of crypto tokens. The game keeps attracting around 2K players per day toward the end of the Goblin Wars.

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