Sunflower Land to Migrate All Legacy Farmers

Sunflower Land aims to grow organically, boosting its player count above 6k again.
  • Sunflower Land is moving the entire game to the new mechanic with isle-based farms.
  • Players will keep all new Plots as NFT, as well as their Bumpkins.
  • Sunflower Land got a player boost after being promoted by Polka Starter.

On December 20, Sunflower Land will migrate all remaining players that are still in the closed beta version. The game will transfer all NFT from the legacy version.

Players will need to synch all their assets on the blockchain, only losing crops that have a longer timespan to be harvested. Synching is done every few days by players, and may require MATIC fees.

Sunflower Land Gets Player Boost

The last days of the closed beta led to a small boost for players. More than 6K players joined Sunflower Land based on Polygon smart contract data. The game has managed to attract as many as 20K players per day even during its early stage. 

Players can access as many as 500 different assets on the blockchain, some of which with unique utility. They can also mint unlimited Bumpkins for $5 and equip them with wearables. Unique Bumpkins may be resold as NFT. 

Sunflower Land is also the first game to introduce semi-fungible tokens, or wearables that can be part of a collection. 

Sunflower Land has a fully known game team and relies on additional contributions from the community. The game has not pressured token adoption, and only lately partnered with Polka Starter to popularize the game. 

Now that the game is open to anyone and has a higher profile, other projects are picking it up and offering additional perks to the new game community.

Sunflower Land players are more rarely interesting in cashing out of SFL tokens, instead using them to upgrade their land and Bumpkins. Once upgraded, those items can have a higher value in the game’s internal market. 

The same main mechanics work in the Sunflower Isles expansion, with the notable addition of building islands. Players will raise the same crops and cook foods to resale. Players start with three plots of land and expand by building. Each new island square will be an NFT and have randomly assigned resources.

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