Sunflower Land Uncovers Roadmap, Offers SFL Airdrop

Sunflower Land offers small airdrop for 100 winners to popularize SFL token.
  • Mineral resource sink and chicken farming coming soon.
  • Sunflower Land aims for limitless farm space and personalized features.
  • SFL moves up to $0.25, still in early trading stage.

Sunflower Land is evolving from a grassroots start, opening up its roadmap for the next six months. In April and May, the game managed to relaunch and build up its user count, allowing restricted access to farm creation. The SFL token started trading and even expanded its price to $0.25.

Sunflower Land offers regular farm access expansions, making sure the game economy will not reheat. At the current rate, SFL production and item prices offer more favorable earnings, through still requiring hours to grow and pick crops. 

Sunflower Land to Offer Metaverse Building Experience

The Sunflower Land team also noticed that the game will not be sustainable with only small-scale features added. The biggest upcoming change will be the Land Expansion package, allowing players to explore a limitless metaverse and build on a larger scale. This upgrade will take months to launch. 

The land expansion will also include farm customization with decorative items. A larger land will mean the potential creation of multiple resource-gathering operations, without the need for multi-accounting and running several farms with different strategies.

In the short term, the game will offer mineral resource crafting to sink some of the mined stone and metals. The other upgrade will be the chicken breeding gameplay, with a sink for farmed resources and earning SFL at a sustainable pace when producing eggs. Eggs will be key for rare cake crafting, with weekly challenges to produce more difficult items, which can then be traded as NFT or exchanged for SFL.

The items themselves are mostly traded within the game, with only a handful ending up on OpenSea. For now, farms are the most widely represented item on the NFT trading platform.

Sunflower Land remains the most widely visited game on Polygon, with 23.52K players a day. The game also led the whole P2E space in the past week, while other games saw an outflow of activity. To boost engagement and popularize SFL, the game is also offering a small airdrop for 100 winners.

Sunflower Land is also an example of a low-resource game with still almost no payouts and no aggressive DeFi policy, which is nevertheless growing in popularity.

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