Sunflower Land Unlocks 20K New Farms, SFL Token Moves Up

Sunflower Land aims for organic growth with a series of onboarding events and farm creation permits.
  • $SFL token slowly builds up liquidity on QuickSwap.
  • Game grows user base slowly, requiring farm permit and 1 MATIC donation.
  • Crafting and resources have halving mechanism for SFL generation, increasing scarcity with more gaming instead of token and item oversupply.

Sunflower Land is expanding its player count, unlocking 20K new accounts for farm creation. This is the third round of farm expansion for the game, which is trying for sustainable growth. The first farms went to Discord users, and another 20K farms were for migrating legacy users from Sunflower Farmer.

Sunflower Land is a high-user, low tokenization game, with 17.9K users per day but only a few thousand dollars in locked value. Yet this game remains one of the important P2E attempts in 2022, for its goal of first making a fun grass-roots game with robust activity, while having a secondary market to cash out.

Sunflower Land is also one of the games requiring a bit more detailed crypto knowledge to get on board. Joining the game needs a MetaMask wallet set to the Polygon network and buying at least 1 MATIC to donate and joinn.  

SFL Rallies on Game Expansion News

SFL rallied to $0.28, while still in its early price discovery stage. SFL arrived on a day of overall crypto crash, sliding to $0.16, later recovering with the rest of the market. 

There is very little known volume for SFL and the current price is not indicative of the game’s potential. Players can try to cash out, though some may wait for more listings or continue to accrue NFT items. The goal of SFL is to create an in-game economy, as the asset is also used to buy items for advanced recipes.

For now, the most active market is for Sunflower Land farms, of which more than 133K were generated. Farms trade with a flor price of 0.002 ETH, while there is still only a limited market for crafted items. 

SFL is not a token optimized for grinding and selling on exchanges. Instead, players are incentivized to wait, and penalized for withdrawing SFL too early.

Additionally, SFL will have a halving schedule, with each 10M tokens created. New SFL generation will go down by half, thus potentially preserving the value as the game progresses. The more items created and the more gameplay, the faster SFL scarcity will increase.

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