Gala Games Prepares for Month of Perks and Rewards in May

Town Star game will make daily snapshots of TOWN balances to award Town Power.

Gala Games, one of the most productive multi-game hubs, is preparing for new airdrops in May. The estimated value of prizes and perks may reach $4M. After a snapshot on April 29, Gala Games plans to renew the annual giveaway. 

The April 29 snapshot is just for the free NFT, and the rest of the token rewards will be given for actively playing games in the Gala ecosystem until the end of May.

In 2021, the gaming startup had a $1M giveaway, expanding that to this year’s more generous offer for May Madness. Of the total awards, which include NFT, $2M will be in the form of GALA tokens, awarded for playing Town Star. Gala Games will have airdrops and surprises for players of other P2E games as well. 

Will GALA Token Recover

The promised GALA tokens will be distributed at a much lower market price. GALA traded on Monday at $0.13, on track to erase its biggest rallies above $0.70 and return to levels not seen since Q4, 2021. 

TOWN tokens, the native asset of TownStar, has been sliding from its peak at $2.05. In May, the token started at around $0.05, despite the incentive to stake and not sell. The Town Star game will soon implement a Town Power measurement, based on daily TOWN balances. The level of Town Power will have an effect on Daily Star Challenge rewards, while also making sure players hold TOWN tokens.

GALA remains one of the high-valued P2E tokens due to the significant supply. Gala Games itself is a project more focused on delivering finished game products. 

Town Star and Spider Tanks remain the leading games for Gala, with others coming soon. GALA still runs on Ethereum, BSC and Solana, though for months now there are hints of coming up with a proprietary blockchain. 

Gala Games has not set a deadline for the migration to Project GYRI, a more efficient network of nodes and validators.

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