Tank Wars Zone Brings Another Variation on E-Sport and Battles

Tank Wars Zone aims to grow its player base in its current sstage of development.
  • Tank Wars Zone offers multi-mode play with Tank NFT.
  • The game will grow into a full metaverse in 2023.
  • Tank Wars Zone runs on Fantom network to avoid high transaction fees.

Tank Wars Zone brings a visually appealing world of fantasy tanks, building a metaverse-ready game with brawl-style battles and competitions between tanks. The game is powered by NFT running on the Fantom network, and the outcome may depend on the rarity and features of the tank. 

Tank Wars is one of the emerging list of projects on Fantom, a network with extremely low fees and fast transactions. 

Tank Wars Zone, however, aims to be a game-first project with multiple biomes and a mix of exploration and battles. The game somewhat resembles the recently released Spider Tanks, where imaginative machines with armor and weapons try to defeat other players and their NFT. 

Tank Wars Zone has been around since October 17, and recently rose to prominence among most-visited games. DappRadar data reveal the game has a few dozen daily visitors, and is now growing its influence. Tank Wars Zone is the 17th most visited app on Fantom network. 

Tank Wars Zone Offers Multiple Game Modes

The Tank NFT can be used for multiple game modes. Tanks can explore in PvE mode, battle in brawl events, PvP meetings. Players can also battle against enemies and bosses, or explore to acquire Land plots. Tank Wars Zone also has MOBA mode, where teams of players can take part in Guild Wars.

Players fully own their tanks, but they can also own in-game resources such as repair shops. The game also aims for a sustainable model, with advertising billboards for hire to third parties. 

The game has been developed by the Gameloft Vietnam studio, already experienced in launching high-grade games with wide outreach. 

The next step for the game will be to increase its presence on social media, while also building a full metaverse to explore. NFT trading remains slim, with only a few users on the native marketplace. Still, the game’s tanks are limited, especially Epic (555) and Legendary (222) items. 

Tank Wars Zone is also preparing for a yet-to-be-announced mystery box event, which will grant the right to additional rewards or tanks once the boxes are opened.

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