The Legend: Darley Go Brings Simulated Sports to Solana

DGE tokens will be used to breed horses and for trading on the Raydium decentralized exchange.
  • Darley Go includes breeding, training and simulated races for horse NFT.
  • Jockeys, gear and spells boost competition chances.
  • The game brings simulated sports to the Solana blockchain.

The Legend: Darley Go is a simulated horse-racing game, opening up the simulated sports on the Solana network. The game adds to a growing Solana-based ecosystem, headed by Gameta. 

The Legend is still in the first week of its official launch, though it has completed most of its functionalities. Rewards will be paid in the widely traded, highly liquid SOL tokens, which are counted as a top 10 crypto coin.

The Solana app ecosystem now contains 23 games, with some still struggling to attract users. The Legend aims to live up to its hype and line up as one of the more successful games. The Solana network is still a go-to blockchain for NFT and games, despite the occasional need to restart and re-synchronize nodes. SOL remains relatively stable at $33.43, and is one of the most accessible tokens. 

In addition to SOL, the DGE token will be native to the game. DGE is available on the Raydium decentralized exchange, in a trading pair against USDC. The game may integrate another asset, GXE, which may be used to pay for participation in races.

GXE is the native token of Project Xeno, a Web3 game with a DeFi component.

Darley Go Offers Complex Simulated Racing Metaverse

Darley Go has a wide mix of NFT items, with digital horses, jockeys, gear and spells. The game has two main components- training and competitions. Additionally, the game includes three digital horse bloodlines and additional mutations, to create a complex breeding system. Fees to breed new horses are paid in DGE tokens. 

The statistics and capabilities of each horse will define its chances of winning the race. The system is comparable to Pegaxy, though with a different balance of powers and racing conditions. Horses can also be rented in a scholarship program for passive income. The only different component is training, an extra step to improve the chances of winning.

Darley Go partners with some of the more prominent guild organizations, including Avocado DAO, YGG and Guildfi.

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