The Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction: $5 Still Elusive

The Sandbox (SAND) has to reach $5 in the short term, with higher predictions hinging on world building and new game launches within its metaverse.

The Sandbox (SAND) is still struggling to make a recovery above $5, while the overall play to earn market is slowly recovering from the latest flash crash. SAND traded at $4.83 ahead of the weekend, extending last week’s downward trend. 

SAND Price Prediction: Will New NFT Drop Have Effect

The Sandbox game is constantly enriching its metaverse, in preparation for full public gameplay. NFT items and their secondary market can help bridge over to wider adoption in the meantime. 

SAND may benefit from regular announcements for new land and items. A new collection is expected to drop this Saturday.

The Sandbox now hopes to add more creators to its land plots and build sub-games with their own style of art and storylines. 

SAND Price Prediction: The Trading View

SAND is giving off mixed signals, with bearish trading attitudes but positive signs on network growth and adoption. The Sandbox game is here to stay, but the SAND token is still risky for the majority of recent buyers. 

Despite shaky prices, SAND has a relatively high liquidity score of 723 points for its leading pair on the Binance exchange. SAND can absorb more than $1.3M in selling before slipping by 2%. 

In the longer term, SAND may benefit from the incentive to hold the token as a tool to buy items and land. 

SAND Price Prediction: Can it Go to $10

Predictions for 2022 see play to earn as a growing trend, sooner or later to be reflected in token prices. SAND saw several corrections, but overall a prediction of regaining the upward trend at some point. 

SAND remains one of the most mentioned projects on social media, in addition to being a highly liquid token.

Overall, the exposure has sparked longer-term price predictions of $10 as a possibility for SAND.

SAND Price Prediction: New Games Onboarding

The Sandbox platform is becoming a hub to onboard both world metaverse environments and new games. Bringing side projects to the Sandbox plots may add to SAND token value. 

Greytoken is one of the recent play to earn projects that uses The Sandbox as its background for creation. 

Other offers include a mix between a land plot and special avatars, which are also limited NFT collections.

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