Top Coin Hunting Games: Grab Coins and NFT on Real-World Maps

Augmented reality coin hunting games offer an accessible approach to building earnings from scratch without upfront buying.

Coin hunting games mix a form of move-to-earn with real-life bounty hunting. Those games also offer a free way to start on the P2E track, with no need to buy items upfront. The games offer small prizes for coin collection, offering varied assets. 

Play2Moon picked some of the currently open apps to find digital assets.

Coin Hunt World: Earn BTC and ETH

Coin Hunt is one of the older apps which offers earnings in BTC and ETH. The map, coinciding with real locations, contains keys and vaults. The goal is to combine the two and win crypto assets after answering trivia quizzes.

The game also offers craftable items to upgrade the in-game avatar. The vaults available pay out varied sums, with the most common vaults containing $0.10 in crypto, and special rare vaults offer rewards of $100 to $1,000. The game is limited to the US and Canada, as well as El Salvador, but hopes for a global release. 

D-Drops: Fee-Based Vault Game

D-Drops is a game in development that may scale its model based on player interest. To win, players will have to put up some initial transaction fees. Those will generate a reward pool as well as valuable NFT. 

The goal is to find the vaults containing those prizes, thus creating a self-enforcing system of earning and paying out. The game is still in pre-launch, with some limited early adopter testing.

Air Coins Metaverse: In-Game Wallet and Swaps

This treasure hunting app uses augmented reality to collect  Air Coins. Players then participate in special event draws to win altcoins or NFT items. The AIRX native token is also among the most active and is counted as an asset belonging to a move-to-earn game.

Air Coins is a free app with a built-in wallet and the potential for trading. AIRX is still thinly traded, but the Air Coins ecosystem is one of the largest, offering a potential for a free start to earnings. AIRX is traded on PancakeSwap and LAToken.

The advantage of treasure hunt games with augmented reality is they may add NFT, but are not similar to STEPN (GMT) or other games which aggressively mint and resell items. Some of the games are not available worldwide and earnings may vary based on available rewards and market exchange rates.

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