Uldor Battle Fantasy Reaches Alpha Launch Stage

Uldor will be a single-token game, with item and land NFT and resource exploration.
  • Uldor opened its arena battle mode, with open world exploration and faction battles expected later.
  • The game offers a mix of craftable items and rare drops to trade as NFT.
  • Uldor is now whitelisting more participants for its alpha expansion.

Uldor is a newly arrived battle game with a fantasy theme, set in a dangerous land for exploration, meeting enemies and PvP matches. The game is now in its alpha release stage, starting out in arena mode. 


The full game will be an open world MMORPG where players can both explore and battle others. But even in arena mode, free players can already explore available mini-bosses and enemies and climb up the levels. The game is currently focusing on popularity and content creation, while showcasing its 3D fantasy art, inspired by games like Elden Ring. 

Uldor Offers Ongoing Alpha Waiting List

Uldor aims to be a fun-first game, offering free access for all. The final game will have three modes – open world exploration, faction wars and the already launched PvP arena. During quests or exploration, players will also encounter challenging monsters and game bosses.

Some may choose enhanced ownership with in-game verifiable scarcity, where all the assets will be tradable. Players can progress with several available professions and craft items. Some of the game items will also be extremely rare and unique, and dropped only after the most difficult bosses or quests. Other items will be tied to exclusive tournament events.

Uldor will be a single-token game, where the RUNI token will be used both as a reward and as a payment for PvP tournaments. 

Uldor’s metaverse will also have resource plots, which can be owned by players. Those that own the plots can gather resources at any time. Else, players can rent resource plots from other owners for a fee. Resource plots are key in the conquering and defense of land. As factions compete, they can take regions from the map and have to build fortresses and deploy defenses to keep other factions out.

Currently, players can sign up for a waiting list to access the game once events open. When fully launched, Uldor will offer a multi-quest metaverse to explore. Items within the game can be acquired via crafting, or taken through mystery loot boxes. All items will have a scarcity value to build up an in-game economy.

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