Undead Blocks Brings New $15K Prize Pool Tournament

Undead Blocks remains one of the top games under the Animoca Brands umbrella.
  • Undead Blocks opens a long weekend tournament with $15K in prizes.
  • Undead Blocks is one of the most successful games of Animoca Brands.
  • More players to get a part of the prize pool.

Undead Blocks is preparing for one more tournament this Halloween, with a $15K prize pool. The top 4K players will get a part of the prize, with $500 for the leading player. Undead Blocks remains one of the top games tied to Animoca Brands, with regular competitions to boost in-game earnings. 


Undead Blocks is just five months away from launching its beta, but during that time managed to offer multiple special tournaments with significant prize pools.

The game will offer add-free long weekend tournament, a part in a long series of special events. Undead Blocks is one of the sustainable P2E games where prize pools boost earnings for special events. This time, Immutable X is supplying the funds, ensuring the game’s earnings potential remains high. 

The game partners with multiple gaming and Web3 hubs, to give away short-term prizes, with almost daily updates on challenges with potential earnings.

The game also partners with other projects and offers earnings for tokens or items from other P2E games. 

Undead Blocks Remains a Sustainable Game

Undead Blocks is one of the games with a sustainable two-token model, which is also picked by traditional gamers. Undead Blocks offers a mix of free-to-play, as well as advantage for owners of Genesis weapons and other equipment. At the same time, players can start with a free equipment pack and upgrade after earning ZBUX in the game. 

ZBUX is the tool for the in-game economy, while UNDEAD is a tradable crypto token with relatively low liquidity. UNDEAD remains relatively stable at the $0.60 range, currently trading around $0.56. UNDEAD is a way to cash out of the game, though ZBUX can also be used to buy and upgrade weapons. 

Undead Blocks Genesis weapons currently get the best bids around 0.13 ETH, with cheaper options to start in the game. Undead Blocks also has a track record of special weapons editions, and is worth watching for potential new specially themed weapon collections. In addition to NFT, the game is also offering physical merch, launched this October. 

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