WarSindia Hints at Alpha Launch Coming Soon

WarCSndia, Eternal Brawl and Bomb Park are among the games to launch this year from SpaceGuild.
  • WarSindia by SpaceGuild Games is one of the most ambitious metaverse and RPG battle games.
  • After the launch, WarSindia will also issue NFT fantasy novels and possibly a Netflix adaptaiton.
  • WarSindia will aim to appeal to regular gamers as a high-grade game with top art and animation.

WarSindia is a civilization-building and fortress-defense game, set in a fantasy universe. The continent of Sindia is at war, and the factions have to build their towers and defend them. Players will be able to choose between Revolutionary, Crusader and Neutral armies, which will define the looks of their defenses and the Heroes they will use.

WarSindia is in early alpha stage, with a minimal gameplay, and is also preparing for an official launch coming soon. Currently, WarSindia is wrapping up its pre-alpha tests, and will start to recruit players with its early Alpha version.


When completed, WarSindia will be a mix of sandbox creation, PvP battles, RPG elements and a social metaverse. WarSindia will be part of the SpaceGuild launchpad and game hub, which aims to build an interconnected empire of games. 

Along with WarSindia, SpaceGuild will be working on the Eternal Brawl game and other prequels and additions. Currently, another game by Space Guild, Bomb Park, is holding a special presale event with a mystery box.

WarSindia Builds Extended Metaverse

WarSindia will go beyond the borders of the game, and will add content such as novels based on the continent’s lore, starting with Rebellion of the Six Kings. The game will aim to be profitable, but will redirect its revenues to promotion. 

WarSindia will also act as an e-sports game, organizing tournaments with a high prize pool. During tournaments, the promotions will also be done by professional game anchors and streamers.

WarSindia will also try to appeal to regular gamers, as it taps its team from top games like Hearthstone, League of Legends, God Eater, and Stone Age. WarSindia will go beyond with a top-notch quality, content and a planned Netflix adaptation. The game’s cinematic metaverse will also go beyond the regular battle quests or defense games. 

WarSindia will also have a strong element of guild-building, where players must organize and form various tiers of guild connections, by also buying virtual resources. The game will be partially reliant on buying regular or war boxes, and will use USDT as its in-game currency to achieve a more predictable pricing mechanism.

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