Web3 Games Seeking Stability: Choosing ETH or Stablecoins as Payout

P2E games still attract players by offering ETH due to well-established trading, instead of issuing their own tokens.

The appearance of play-to-earn games also led to a long list of new tokens. Those tokens entered an already over-saturated market. Only a few managed to gain a high profile and listings, usually belonging to top games. AXS, SAND, MANA, and a handful of others broke above the pack. 

Smaller games or those that arrived later had to rely on decentralized trading, with negligible liquidity. However, the reward model was appealing, and games still showed that tournaments and special events drew in players. 

How Games Seek More Secure Assets

Web3 games may still need to organize lucky draws, competitions and tournaments. Some are abandoning the plans for their own token. In the past, in-game tokens could grow more actively than legacy coins like ETH, but their price could fall just as fast. 

Hence, some games moved back to handling USDC, USDT, ETH and sometimes even BTC for fees, as well as rewards. 

DexiHunter offers a direct chance to earn ETH, BTC and other older tokens, by chasing them at physical locations in big cities. Coin Hunt World offers a similar direct discovery model.

A recently launched game, Chicken Derby, offers earnings directly in ETH. At the same time, almost all new projects still sell their NFT for ETH or BNB. Quicrypto is a live, freely available mobile app which also works for small rewards in BTC and other legacy coins. Farm Worker is a newly trending game which offers relatively easy conversion to TRX tokens. The app is partially financed by watching ads. 

Beware of Scams with Promised Free Coins or Tokens

Make sure the earnings promised are from a legitimate game. Avoid visiting links offering an ETH giveaway, especially if they ask for a payment in advance.

Some of the games offering direct liquid tokens can also be risky. Pizza Tower offers passive income in BNB, and is similar to games like Sheep World and Sheep Farm. However, this game may be risky as players contribute to a pool and not all can recoup their initial investment. 

Also be aware of the ability to withdraw tokens, as well as the need to use specific wallets for each asset.

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