Chicken Derby Picks Sustainable Model for Simulated Racing Game

Payouts on Chicken Derby are in ETH, for more liquid opportunities to cash out.
  • Chicken Derby offers paid participation and win-to-earn.
  • Chicken NFT start at 0.02 ETH and are key to participation in simulated racing.
  • The game has paid out more than $1M in rewards since its launch.

Chicken Derby is a game of light fun, with simulated racing for fantasy Chickens. The game holds some similarities to the Pegaxy model, where simulated horses and tracks led to the race outcome. The main difference is that Chicken Derby has participation fees from the start, thus refilling the prize pool with a predictable amount. 

Additionally, earnings on Chicken Derby are in ETH, a much more liquid token. So if the game community wants to cash out, selling ETH will have a more predictable result. This avoids the fate of Pegaxy, where players had to first sell their in-game token.

Chicken Derby is thus a win-to-earn game, instead of paying out to a larger pool of participants. So far, the game claims to have distributed more than $1M in rewards. Despite using ETH, players do not need to pay gas fees to move their NFT or to cash out. 

The game also organizes paid tournaments. Until this Friday, the game is also offering a special Thanksgiving edition, with the equivalent of a $1 entry fee. Chicken Derby brands itself as a Web3 game, though it requires some knowledge of using a crypto wallet and paying in ETH.

Chicken Derby Tests Wearable Items

Chicken Derby is now in a testing period for wearable items, to create a more varied look and a more active marketplace.

The wearables and consumables add to the game’s NFT trading. Currently, players still need to buy a Chicken for about 0.02 ETH, with the possibility to upgrade. Another feature in the works will be fusion, which may work to upgrade the playable Chickens, while also reducing the supply.

Chicken Derby to Transform into a Metaverse

Chicken Derby wants to add utility to its Chicken NFT, by also turning them into metaverse avatars. 

One of the future goals of the project is to create a metaverse and offer 13,333 land plots with unique features. All NFT in the game are with full IP ownership, meaning they cannot disappear or be moved by the game team.

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