XALTE: Vengeful Heroes Preparing for Next P2E Announcement

XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is still in a limited release mode, hoping for version 2.0 in the coming months.
  • XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is preparing for a new version in the coming months.
  • The game offers dynamic MOBA with 5V5 team battles.
  • XALTE offers tournament prize pools and works on its GameFi side.

XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is an adventure fantasy game that recently completed one of its early beta milestones. Now, the game is trending again, hinting at a potential upgrade. 


XALTE is a MOBA game with play-to-earn features and e-sports potential. The game is one of the few additions in 2023 with a classic 3D MOBA action and a third-person view. XALTE offers a 5V5 game with several modes, close to the model of a classic MOBA quest. In the game, players can choose between Chaos Mode, Classic Mode, Divine Grace, Dominating and other features. 

XALTE offers a dynamic match where players meet for brawl-style attacks until defeating the team. The basic game dynamics have been through several tests, and the game is worth watching for a new version release in the coming months. 

XALTE: Vengeful Heroes to Prepare for P2E Additions

XALTE aims for a P2E balance, but is also a game with in-app purchases for tokens, as well as mystery boxes. Currently, players can compete in groups of 10 for the chance to buy a $30 Mystery Box. In the coming months, the game is also working on a marketplace. Additionally, players can win in-game resources and combine them to create new Heroes. 


The game relies on high fees and purchases, but also offers high-stakes tournaments, with prize pools of $100K and $140K depending on the event. The game also offers an Invitation tournament for free players, where anyone can start with a free pack. After reaching Platinum level, players can invite friends and compete for a $40K prize pool.

The active periods and potential prizes in the game may vary, and are available for a limited duration. Currently, XALTE has completed most of its gaming features, and will be working on widening its GameFi elements. Toward the end of Q1, the team may also release XALTE 2.0, the upgraded version of the game. 

For the initial phases, most of the XALTE potential rewards include USDT tokens and NFT items, especially Heroes.

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