Zed Run: Is This Racing Game an Alternative to Pegaxy

Zed Run offers regular tournaments, as well as NFT breeding income.
  • Zed Run will airdrop ZED tokens to eligible wallets after making a claim.
  • ZED token has traded for about a month, currently at $0.05.
  • Zed Run still grows its NFT through selective breeding.

Zed Run is a simulated racing game with a collection of NFT horses – a model well-known from Pegaxy. But Zed Run is currently running hot and may turn into an alternative for better earnings. 

Zed Run attracts players with a much larger prize pool in limited tournaments. 

Additionally, the ZED token is being airdropped since August 20, and has more than two months left in its airdrop program. Until now, players could accrue ZED in their game account, but the tokens were not available on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains. 

Now, players can choose to withdraw the tokens to a private wallet and possibly achieve more active trading. ZED is just starting out with its price discovery, after its trading launch at the end of July. For a month, ZED fluctuated between a peak at $0.14, and down to its current level of $0.05. ZED uses liquidity from Huobi Global and MEXC. 

The game team, however, has decided to keep ZED distribution limited, to avoid price debasement. Only up to 7% of the total ZED supply will be available for the airdrop, and the eligible wallets will be picked based on game score, breeding activity and time spent within the game. 

Zed Run Aims for Sustainable, Tournament-Based Game

The Zed Run game aims to be sustainable with complex breeding stable mechanisms and limits on which horses can participate in simulated racing. For now, the game has a much smaller activity range compared to Pegaxy. At the peak, Zed Run attracted just 1.5K players, later dropping off to around 100 players per day.

Zed Run NFT horses are still around 261.3K, just about 20% of the NFT minted on Pegaxy. Despite the fact that the game launched back in 2019, Zed Run is just now breaking out with more growth. NFT horses in the game can be staked based on their value for passive income. At current prices, some of the asking prices for a digital horse are close to $400. Players can also start for free with a borrowed NFT horse.

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