Zoo Ecosystem Closer to Top Spots on Ethereum Projects

Zoo Games will bring more Web3 titles with free options.
  • Zoo Racers is a promising beta stage game with complex 3D world graphics.
  • Zoo Games aims to become the Steam for Web3 games.
  • Zoo Ecosystem ranges from NFT trading and staking to a game hub for free or tokenized games.

Zoo Games and specifically its sub-game, Zoo Racers are trending as demand is still boosting live games with a simple, appealing model. Zoo Games aims to offer an open ecosystem, which is also sustainable and dependent on player input. 

Zoo Racers places players in an endless open world with four biomes. Players set out immediately to gather in-game coins, or loot them from other players. When players get enough resources, they can also set out on arena-style matches with other players.

Zoo Racers is in the beta stage, while the Zoo Games ecosystem already reached its first anniversary. 


Zoo Racers has also released its NFT, which can be tested in the beta version. 

What Makes Zoo Racers Stand Out

Zoo Racers has been called the Mario Kart of NFT games. Its NFT trucks have real utility and can be moved across the open universe. 

The game has been built up as a 3D open world with four biomes, an upgrade from the previous simpler version. Players use their mini-trucks to explore and discover mystery boxes with coins and items. 

Unlike other NFT games, Zoo Racers has achieved a much higher quality of graphics and simulated terrains. The game is expected to add more modes in the coming months. 

How the Zoo Ecosystem Integrates Web3

The entire Zoo Ecosystem is separated among sub-projects that carry varied sides of Web3 ownership. Zoo Games aims to be the Web3 equivalent of Steem, carrying multiple game titles in the future. Zoo Games for now partners with Avalanche and WanChain, and Zoo Racers is rising among games currently still using the Ethereum blockchain.

Zoo Racers will be available as free-to-play and will onboard users on multiple platforms. The game will be compatible with other NFT collections from the Zoo ecosystem, but usage will be optional. As with other Web3 projects, Zoo Racers aims to be game-first and offer a fun experience before monetization. 

Zoo Racers is also considered one of the undiscovered games that may be part of a new generation to replace older P2E hubs.

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