1000 Blocks Infinite Battles Joins Web3 Magic Store

1000 Blocks offers a mix of NFT collections, new mints and passive token income.
  • 1000 Blocks is live, with favorable game store reviews.
  • BLS tokens still have limited liquidity through Pancake Swap.
  • Magic Square added the game, Age of Tanks becomes partner.

1000 Blocks Infinite Battles is aiming to bring Web3 options to a wider audience. The game will now be distributed through a new game store dedicated to Web3 headlines. Magic Store will carry this battle strategy game with connectivity to BNB Chain. 


1000 Blocks thus lines up with a series of games offering a ready-made app with additional token functionalities. The coming days will show if the social media noise around 1000 blocks translates into an increased player count. Currently, the game has 4.8 stars out of five on its Magic Square game store profile.

1000 Blocks is also partnering with Age of Tanks to grow the follower count and players for both games. The two gaming hubs will promote each other and seek higher user engagement. 


For now, the game’s distribution drive is affecting the price of its native token, making it line up among top active assets for P2E games. 


The goal of 1000 Blocks is simple – the game’s limited metaverse contains exactly 1000 blocks. Each of those blocks can be conquered and defended, to earn BLS tokens and harvest rewards. Players compete for owning blocks, relying on an extreme element of scarcity. 

Blocks are Key to BLS Token Rewards

The BLS tokens can then be staked to earn BNB token rewards in perpetuity. Block Space Token (BLS) is held in 3,104 addresses, and an unknown number of accounts within the game. Block Space is played as an app and has fewer interactions on-chain, though its five active smart contracts. BLS currently trades at $0.00693, with limited liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Players can also customize their blocks and generate NFT items within the game, adding more value and variety. Players can conquer and watch multiple blocks.

Space Apes are the other central asset for the game, offering varied degrees of skills and rarity. Apes are needed to defend conquered blocks. The game will not offer a free-to-play version, requiring MetaMask, Space Apes and some BLS tokens to start.

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