Age of Zalmoxis Prepares for Busy Quarter

Age of Zalmoxis will build a complex world with varied NFT items, including Land and Souls.
  • Age of Zalmoxis prepares for November meetup in Paris for Elrond Network projects.
  • The game is offering a lucky draw for a valuable NFT mystery box.
  • Age of Zalmoxis KOSON token gained first listings on MEXC.

Age of Zalmoxis is a fantasy-themed MMORPG with land-based gameplay and Hero Soul NFT. The game recently turned hot, preparing for multiple high-profile events. Age of Zalmoxis is one of the games to watch in the last quarter of 2022 as the project accelerates its adoption.

One of the big high-profile events coming in weeks is a Paris meetup and build to present the game’s metaverse and mechanics.

By the end of 2022, Age of Zalmoxis will also hold a box-opening event for former land buyers. In early 2023, the game will also introduce a land resale market. The game’s scope and design resemble other mythical or civilizational games like Metakingdom or Vulcan Forged.

Age of Zalmoxis is ready with its main token, KOSON, which was recently added to the MEXC exchange. This market supports newly launched tokens from P2E games, giving them much-needed liquidity and a price discovery mechanism.

Age of Zalmoxis already issued 270K KOSON tokens. The trading debut happened at $0.30, though KOSON later slid to its current value of around $0.10. The token, as well as all other in-game assets for Age of Zalmoxis are based on Elrond Network. 

Elrond Network is a separate Layer 1 solution aiming at speeding up transactions at a lower cost. The Elrond Network was supported and curated as one of the earlier Binance Launchpad projects and remains a solid crypto, DeFi and gaming platform. 

Win Land Mystery Box with Age of Zalmoxis

Age of Zalmoxis will launch fully formed PvP battles in 2023. Until then, the immediate opportunity is to grab a land mystery box. 

The game offers access to free NFT, a chance to win one of four high-value items. The lucky draw is open in the next 17 days, for completing a series of social media tasks. There is a choice between a Land box or KOSON tokens of the same value.

Age of Zalmoxis will have several types of NFT, including Origin Souls, and Summoned Souls. In the next few months, the game will introduce horse breeding.

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