Hyperbit Billionaires at Early Alpha Stage

Hyperbit Billionaire recruits early testers for its closed Alpha release.
  • Hyperbit Billionaires builds a P2E offshoot of Bitcoin Billionaire game.
  • Teams of NFT avatars will compete to earn upcoming HB token.

Hyperbit Billionaires is an upcoming P2E game and an NFT collection by the creators of Bitcoin Billionaire. The game is worth keeping an eye on, as it is currently slowly expanding its alpha testing stage, and may launch later this year. 

Make sure to follow the legitimate Discord channel and avoid answering solicitations from direct messaging. The closed Alpha has been recruiting testers, with still uncertain rewards. 

Hyperbit Billionaires is still mostly working as an NFT collection, where most income would be from resales. 

On OpenSea, the available avatars have a floor price of 0.043 ETH, with 13.3K items in various auctions. The game hopes to repeat the success of Bitcoin Billionaire, a mobile game with more than 10M downloads. Mobile games are relatively rare in P2E, and may be the key to accessing a larger user base.

What Hyperbit Billionaires Will Offer

When the game launches, it will offer idle gameplay and earnings based on NFT ownership. The NFT avatars will be playable, displaying an array of features. They will also be breedable and will participate in battles or competitions. Teaming up will be possible, making the game resemble the likes of Axie Infinity or Crabada. 

The goal of the game is to win battles and earn Hyperbits (HB) tokens, an upcoming asset that still has no price discovery mechanism. 

The actual style of the NFT is a side issue compared to the competitive equation of traits, advantages and weaknesses. The game is a bit behind schedule with its alpha coming in Q2 instead of Q1 as promised. 

The game is showing some signs of increasing social media activity, and may become part of the A-list of games as new updates follow. The game team will hold a part of Otherside Meta after buying an Otherdeed

The game also joined Coinbase NFT, a still-experimental marketplace with social media components. The platform carries the same selection of Billionaire NFT avatars, but the floor price is higher at 0.09 ETH.

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