Anazir Gains Top Level Among Tower Defense Games

Anazir will be based on Polygon, though it will also offer in-game NFT trading and a token wallet.
  • Anazir relies on acquiring a tower and the elemental Golems to defend it.
  • Players must pick the best Golems to deal damage and stop the waves of enemies.
  • Anazir is still in pre-alpha, expecting NFT mints in Q2.

Anazir is one of the top tower defense games at the end of January, offering a complex immersive experience into a fantasy universe. Anazir centers around magical warfare with Gods, elementals and magical superpowers. Players gather resources to mount a tower defense and spawn Golems, to defeat their enemies. Anazir is highly popular despite still in the pre-alpha stage, expecting launch by the end of 2023.

The appealing model of Anazir and the available alpha game helped the project reach the top of the tower defense game model. The game is now ahead even before well-established titles like Crazy Defense Heroes, Vulcan Tower Defense, and Heroes of Mavia.

Anazir is a dynamic strategy-based game. Players are constantly under attack from monsters emerging from a portal. To stop the raids, players must place their Golems down the winding path of the attack. Each Golem has special powers and the ability to slow down or eliminate enemies. 

Anazir Builds Defense Based on Elemental Magic Powers

The model resembles Omega Royale, where each second counts and players build up the best defense with the available creatures. This time, the game spawns several types of Golems with different elements, and a victory will lead the player higher up in the rankings.

The game’s simulated battles are built on the Unity game engine, and the NFT and token side uses the Polygon blockchain. Players can start the game for free and join the win-to-earn leaderboard. Inside the game, the main token is Crystalium (CRT), and Anazir Token is used for staking and voting.

Anazir is also offering a free mystery box to all Discord participants, in a bid to expand its presence. Currently, the game is still in a pre-alpha stage, with a signup list for the opportunity to become an early tester. The actual launch will be preceded by the game’s NFT mints. 

Anazir also wants to encourage the biggest ease of using the in-game NFT. For that reason, the full launch of the game will also include a native marketplace. All trades will happen through CRT tokens, which will have NFT purchase as a mechanism to remain in the game.

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