MetaDOS Launches Another Battle Pass Airdrop

MetaDOS is game-first, but plans to add tokens and items, with free airdrops for pre-listed players.
  • MetaDOS offers a fun-first game with opportunities to hold NFT skins and items.
  • The DOS metaverse will carry a marketplace and other Web3 features.
  • MetaDOS is now airdropping a basic season pass with items.

MetaDOS is a survival battle royale game, where TIME is the chief currency, as players are rewarded for holding on longer. MetaDOS is now preparing for a wider launch, by giving away NFT and Battle Passes, through a Galxe allow-list process.

The MetaDOS storyline has been inspired by Apex Legends and the In Time movie, with the final gameplay made suitable for e-sports tournaments. MetaDOS offers a rich 3D environment with third-person shooting action and multiple brawl battles, based on its alpha previews. The game is trending and has achieved several NFT skin events, with the full version launching about a year ago.

MetaDOS will offer team-based battle royale mode, where hundreds of players could face other teams for the longest survival. At the end of March, the game had one of its biggest updates, where the skin system was added, as well as skydiving mechanics and more realistic shaking action, among other improvements.

Seasonal Packages Offer Variety, Game Advantages

Playing the game hinges on having a seasonal package with items that will make the game more fun and successful. Each package contains a mix of utility NFT, cosmetic items, and in-game tokens.

MetaDOS will be part of the DOS ecosystem, including a metaverse, dedicated blockchain explorer, and an NFT marketplace. The DOS ecosystem carries both MetaDOS and Heroes and Empires as its first games.

MetaDOS Considers Mobile Version

The MetaDOS game has an ambitious roadmap with multiple elements to make the game more exciting. MetaDOS is fun-first, and will start with distribution of NFT as part of its social media presence. However, players that want to invest more in the game can also choose to own Founders Packs with additional benefits.

Additional special skins may be offered during game events. The team is working on pets and weapons, as well as a land and home base system. 

MetaDOS will be based on Avalanche, and will hope to bring the success of traditional games. The team has experience from other popular mobile games such as Mobile Royale and Heroes&Empires.

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