Mobox Kicks Off Next Momo Block Brawler Season

Mobox offers liquidity mining for NFT owners, making NFT Farmer one of the top BSC GameFi projects.
  • MEC assets within the game gain importance in leaderboards, and adventure mode.
  • Block Brawler to offer additional MBOX, MEC rewards.
  • Clash of MoLand expects beta test soon.

The new two-week season for Mobox Block Brawler kicked off on August 30, offering a new chance for higher MBOX and MEC token rewards. The Mobox gaming universe relies on a set of several games, offering a mix of idle exploration and missions, as well as battle and defense games.

The Mobox games are adding activity, though Mobox NFT Farmer has the biggest smart contract engagement. But the MOMOVerse, MoLand Defense and other mini-games are also taking their share of players, with some of the earnings and transactions happening offline. 

Mobox NFT Farmer still underlies the strength of the Mobox ecosystem, while holding more than $40M in value. The game attracts more than 6K players per day for significant NFT activity. Most of the currently owned NFT from Mobox are also bought and sold in a transparent market.

Binance NFT, the resale hub, took care to burn or block all NFT given away to unknown wallets without KYC. This makes Mobox the creator of one of the largest and most secure NFT collections.

Additionally, having a Mobox avatar or Momo creatures will grant features and access to tournaments not available for free players.

New Games Coming to Mobox Collection

Mobox also hinted at creating new games based on its already generated collection of NFT items and additional metaverse spaces.

Recently, Mobox also ran an alpha test for the Clash of MoLand game addition, while also expanding its NFT presence with another mystery box event.

The next step for Clash of MoLand will be a beta test, which may be announced in the near future. 

In the past three months, the MBOX token price fell from a high level near $1. Now, MBOX trades around $0.63, only retaining some of the gains. MBOX faces some selling pressure, but has the advantage of significant liquidity on the Binance exchange. 

Momo Adventure rewards have now switched to MEC tokens from MBOX, and leaderboard rewards will include more MEC tokens. MEC is an asset currently only available within the game. MEC enhances the hashing power of Momo NFT, so they can be used for NFT mining.

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