Avalon Game in Alpha Stage: Watch Out for High-Grade P2E

Avalon is an up and coming P2E game with a complex lore and a detailed world based on the King Arthur legend.
  • Avalon to offer a lucky draw for game passes to test the alpha version.
  • The MMORPG will offer free characters as well as tradable classes of NFT.
  • Avalon by Danu Games is among the most completed 3D experiences.

Avalon by Danu Games is preparing for an alpha testing round. The game is offering a high-grade experience built with Unreal Engine 5, and is one of the P2E games to watch in 2022. Danu Games, which aims to spread its products to multiple chains, also offers early access through an NFT pass to join the alpha stage Avalon game. 

Passes can be earned for fulfilling a series of social media tasks, along with WAX and MATIC rewards.

Avalon is an upcoming MMORPG built on the WAX blockchain. The game will offer a full 3D experience, with a high-grade quest game and Web3 features. As a WAX game, Avalon will allow for account creation and low fees. WAX usage is different compared to using other public blockchains, and resembles more the usage of an account than the creation of a crypto wallet.

Avalon to Offer Free Experience with NFT Options

Danu Games has built a high-grade game with detailed rendering, offering one of the best 3D experiences in a P2E game. Avalon is now partnering for multiple types of passes through the Danu Games social media and other affiliated projects. 

Avalon is character-based, but the game has a free-to-play option where players start with non-NFT heroes. 

Characters start out with one special ability and can be upgraded to a total of 20. But as the game progresses, some players can also choose to use NFT from the five available categories – lands, buildings, ships, companions and characters. 

Some of the buildings and locations, such as villages, can bring the player passive income with an in-game taxation mechanic. Raids and tasks will also give NFT-wrapped items. Avalon plans to launch some of its NFT on OpenSea, as a multi-chain game with presence on Polygon as well. 

Avalon will offer a complex lore based on the story of King Arthur, with opposing tribes and factions. The game is built in partnerthip with experienced voice recorders and the team of Game of Thrones: The Game, to bring a complete experience.

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