P2E Moon Watch: The Gaming Week in Review (August 5 – August 12, 2022)

Axie Infinity became the week’s winner after starting another stage on its Origin version.

The trend of completed games adding a token component continues. The P2E market also got a boost from Ethereum (ETH) rallying to above $1,800 on news of the upcoming Merge. New games actively emerge on the market, while some of the older ones try to reinvent their model and upgrade. Axie Infinity was one of the week’s positive performers on the announcement of the Origin Phase 3 and the opening of a test season. 

Top Events of the Week

Leading Games by Number of Users

Top games saw Axie Infinity climb the charts, due to its recent Origin season launch. Axie is now the fourth most visited game. Other leading games remain the same, while a new batch of up and coming games is also growing their player count. A new game, PlayMining, has joined the list of leaders.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds230.48K220.21K
Farmers World107.26K98.74K
Axie Infinity27.75K59.66K

P2E Token Price Action

Weekly Leader: Smooth Love Potion (SLP) +20.27% to $0.005. SLP rose on news it is getting added to the Origin game and discontinued on Axie V2 classic version. SLP will be used for crafting Charms and Runes, and will be paid out only to winners. SLP may improve its mint/burn ratio and increase its value.

Weekly Lagger: The Sandbox (SAND) -0.76% to $1.31. SAND is consolidating its gains, as The Sandbox game teases on its upcoming Alpha Season 3.

The market cap of all P2E tokens increased to $7.99B following the general crypto market recovery.

Decentraland (MANA) +1.53% to $1.05. Decentraland got displaced from its top position as a seller of metaverse land plot NFT, but its token is consolidating above $1.

The Sandbox (SAND) at $1.31, still not attempting to become the top P2E token by market capitalization.

Axie Infinity (AXS) +1.73% to $18.23, flippening the stagnant GALA token. AXS increased on news of an even bigger prize pool for Origin Season 0, as well as general hype surrounding the game.

Gala Games (GALA) +3.99% to $0.06. Gala Games offered a new type of Singles Nodes for musical NFT and has been busy promoting its family of games.

Ethereum (ETH) rallied to $1,886.77, after the Merge event was announced and expected around September 15-16. ETH has also been outperforming Bitcoin (BTC) and even attracted a larger number of leveraged traders betting on expansion before the September event.

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