Louis the Game: How Big Fashion Brands Join the P2E Trend

Louis Vuitton made a game with NFT rewards to celebrate its 200th anniversary since the founding of the first fashion house.

Louis the Game is a mobile app with an immersive 3D metaverse experience. The game was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Louis Vuitton brand, and has registered as many as 2M downloads on various devices, with 100K installs on Android alone.

Louis the Game flew under the radar as it mostly focused on distributing a handful of NFT items. Now, there are new airdrops and discoveries awaiting users until August 4, 2022. The game hinges on exploring various areas and terrains in a fashion-themed adventure. Old and new players can complete the levels and participate in a raffle to receive NFTs.

The game also holds hidden NFTs, with various levels of challenge. The goal is to have Vivienne, the game’s main avatar, complete each level’s mission and find the lost items, linked to the history of Louis Vuitton. A couple of weeks ago, the game added a new level.

Since August 2021, Louis the Game held several raffles for NFT postcards. The items, however, are not traded on OpenSea and may just have cosmetic value to be used as profile pictures. Louis the Game has built a small fandom on social media and has generally favorable download reviews, and will continue to keep its adventure play in the coming months.

The game has no native reward token and tries to steer clear of a model focused on earnings. While the colorful and complete world may be fun to play, this game is a sign big brands are aware of the potential for a gamified experience. NFT items will be the only in-game reward, and may have an informal and risky secondary market.

How Fashion and P2E Mix

Fashion brands have tested crypto space in various ways. Decentraland held a Fashion Week in April, presenting mainstream fashions in its metaverse space. The Sandbox has also invited brands and set aside regions for fashion shows. Games also offer cosmetic avatar items and skins from popular brands. 

Louis Vuitton has an older history of using blockchain technology, when it partnered with VeChain to record the authenticity of fashion items through tokens on a distributed ledger.

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