Pegaxy Reveals Pega Points System

PGX token remains without change, giving some predictability to race prizes.
  • Pegaxy adds points for each Pega owned, to encourage holding for better guild ranking.
  • Changes to the guild system may grant more rights to scholars.
  • High-ranked guilds may expect special events and competitions.

Pegaxy will add another element to specifically boost guild performance and ranking. The game is favoring big guilds that hold valuable Pega. The guilds of Pegaxy are also verified on-chain and compete among each other for top rankings and special rewards. Additionally, competitions still offer higher rewards to players with rare Pega NFT.

Not all Pega bring the same benefit, despite breeding more than 1M simulated horses. Most of the NFT do not have favorable breed or rarity features. One Founding Pega is thus equivalent to 16 Pacer pega in terms of points awarded. Guilds are competing for the Ares ranking system and a hall of fame based on winning races.

Pegaxy allows the registration of guilds through the Ares ranking system. Top guilds are also required to supply liquidity to the game, to avoid draining all resources and cashing out. Ares also has a leaderboard of guilds, incentivizing the holding of the more valuable Pega.

Guild-Based Gameplay Boosts Pegaxy

For single players, starting with Pegaxy may not lead to earnings. This is the reason breeding orgs or guilds try to work at scale and be competitive, while also having a selection of Pega to switch strategies. 

Pegaxy scholarships may also become more complex than simply participating in races. With verified guilds, there may be tools to assign more involved jobs and strategies. Scholars with admin rights may be able to access Pega breeding, as well as selection of the best features for racing. Pegaxy also plans to introduce a new form of chance-based racing for guilds holding high-ranked badges. The other change coming may be the ability to affiliate two guilds. Pegaxy may also plan special events for high-ranking guilds with additional tournament-like rewards.

The Pegaxy game saw an outflow of users, down to around 3.7K in 24 hours. Pegaxy peaked at around 36K users in 24 hours, but remains depressed due to relatively small potential earnings and limited returns on Pega NFT. 

PGX remains stagnant at $0.013, making racing rewards relatively stable. VIS for now stopped its freefall and stabilized at $0.00005.

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