Aqua Tank: P2E Aquatic Ecosystem with NFT

Aqua Tank will include breeding strategy, metaverse ownership and tokenization on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Breed exotic fish and trade for earnings on Aqua Tank.
  • Game is open for download, full P2E mechanics with NFT coming in Q3.
  • Aqua Tank is adding a fresh start on a model similar to Axie Infinity.

Aqua Tank is another game aiming to revive the RPG game with a mix of idle and PvP mechanics. The difference is that Aqua Tank will be starting afresh with a new set of NFT and tokenization, hoping for a new balance similar to Axie Infinity, Crabada, or other NFT-driven worlds. 

The game also plans to build a metaverse world, similar to Lunacia, with islands used as game venues. The goal of the game is to grant both earned in-game income and passive returns. 

Aqua Tank starts with one of the common NFT game features – a breeding mechanic. Players need a tank to breed rare and beautiful fish, which can then be exchanged off-chain or on-chain. Transactions use the AQUA token, with a supply capped at 400K. The game also uses FEED, a third-party token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game is available for download, though still untracked by DappRadar. 

As a game on Binance Smart Chain, the token and NFT will be widely accessible. Aqua Tank plans to have a native marketplace, as rarity and the value of digital pets will be a big part of the game’s earnings potential. 

Aqua Tank also announced it underwent audits for its smart contracts, completing independent overviews. 

No issues were found with token creation, burn functions, as well as potential uncontrolled minting. There is still no blockchain record of the actual token, and it may be issued in the near future, along with NFT. 

For now, Aqua Tank is in the upcoming P2E game category, offering a new approach to mixed income from ATA Studios. The game will also offer USDT rewards for every transaction, being one of the few games to choose fixed-price assets.

Most of the features of Aqua Tank are planned for Q3, with some of the biggest NFT mints, airdrops, token listings on exchanges as well as additional beta testing. Tournaments should arrive toward the end of 2022, making the game a must-watch for the early chance to grab pets, tokens and digital islands.

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