Clash of MoLand Celebrates with Coinbase Wallet MoBall Giveaway

Clash of Moland is a resource and battle game, adding to the P2E opportunities of the Mobox universe.
  • Clash of Moland reached its official launch, starting Season 1 on September 22.
  • Mystery boxes, avatars and MOMOs prepared for giveaway.
  • Mobox to issue more MEC as in-game reward token.

Clash of Moland, one of the most active games of the Mobox family, is now preparing a giveaway event. The claims are open for anyone with a Coinbase wallet, with an added social media task.

Mobox has been known to hold large-scale marketing giveaways, especially those linked to MOMOs. Previous mints and giveaways have been distributed to multiple anonymous accounts, though the game’s usage is now fully doxxed. Anonymous NFT trading and owning for Mobox through Binance NFT is not possible at this stage. 

The current giveaway will also feature mystery boxes, avatars and a single unique NFT branded by Coinbase. Mobox avatars are the most versatile type of NFT, granting rights to participate in some of the games. 

Clash of Moland Launches First Official Season

Clash of Moland also recently launched its first season after a series of tests. The game is the latest MMO to launch as part of the Mobox family of games, and will be available for seasonal play and tournaments.

Clash of Moland is a resource-style game with the occasional harvest campaign and raid to speed up resource acquisition. As with other Mobox games, rewards can come in the form of MBOX or MEC, which for now is a strictly in-game asset. MEC has some limited swapping opportunities for MBOX tokens, which can be sold on the open market. 

Season 1 of Clash of Moland may also arrive with additional MEC rewards. The game follows the model of the tower defense MoLand Defenders. Mobox also relies on the MOMOVerse to grow its player base. At the same time, Mobox NFT Farmer remains the biggest GameFi element of the game, while the other games are trying to put the play first and tokenization second.

MBOX is still liquid enough and trades with relative stability at $0.67. The game’s NFT can fetch higher prices, but the large supply of MOMOs and avatars means those can be acquired for as low as $5. Avatars serve as a form of game passes, while owning MOMOs, increases the in-game rewards.

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