Mobox Introduces MBOX, MEC Token Swaps

Mobox will limit MBOX rewards, instead use more the in-game MEC token.
  • Mobox remains one of the strongest P2E ecosystems with sub-games and an NFT collection.
  • MBOX and MEC swaps now available in-game with relatively high fees.
  • New Momo Block Brawler season now open.

Mobox will increase the pace of its P2E potential, by offering a new tool to swap MBOX tokens and the MEC in-game asset. In the past weeks, Mobox changed its token issuance schedule, to rebalance the game from the overproduction of MBOX. 

MEC will now have higher in-game utility, while encouraging player-driven liquidity pools. The relatively high fees will go toward limiting the supply of MBOX.

Mobox is one of the most stable P2E ecosystems. The central hub for passive income is Mobox NFT Farmer, which mops up the large collection of avatars and Momos. Mobox is also an example of the high usability of NFT items. 

In the past year, Mobox used NFT mints and mystery box events to distribute its collection to as many users as possible. Some of those NFT were burned to avoid ownership by unknown and unverified account, based on demand from Binance NFT. Those early buyers without KYC also managed to receive BNB as compensation for their item burn. 

The other source of Mobox activity are the sub-games with exclusive tournaments. MoLand Defense, Chain Z Arena Mobox Edition and Momo Block Brawler add players, and the influence of the MomoVerse also expands. 

MBOX Rewards Diminish, Replaced by MEC Rewards

MBOX remains range-bound for now, trading around $0.64. The asset is one of the most represented and liquid game-related tokens, though it has lost most of its value since the peak of P2E trading. MBOX gets some support from regular burns.

Now, MBOX creation will depend more on MEC production within the game. Players are encouraged to revert some of the MEC for in-game items and advancements.

Mobox is also diminishing direct MBOX rewards, affecting the next season of Momo Block Brawler. Players will receive MEC tokens, with the potential to swap the assets within the games. Overall, Mobox has diminished its P2E payouts, aiming to popularize its games for their qualities.

Mobox NFT Farmer still holds more than $43M in notional value and is the chief source of passive earnings, with more than 8.5K players in 24 hours.

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