Battle for Giostone Prepares for New Weekend Tournament

Battle for Giostone lines up among must-watch Avalanche C-Chain games with upcoming Web3 additions.
  • Battle for Giostone is preparing for a Genesis NFT collection with in-game utility.
  • The game has completed a closed alpha version with five-person teams in PvP mode.
  • Battle for Giostone partnered with Avalaunch for its BFG IDO event.

Battle for Giostone, one of the games launched with the help of Avalaunch, is getting closer to a new weekend tournament with a $1,000 prize pool. Battle for Giostone is a game with advanced development, which recently unveiled its NFT potential and is holding a small giveaway. 

Battle for Giostone now prepares to become a live Web3 game with a weekend tournament, kicking off late this Friday.

What Makes Battle for Giostone Hot

Battle for Giostone chose to become one of the Avalanche games and instantly attracted attention. The game is considered outstanding based on its progress with limited tournaments in the alpha stage.

Battle for Giostone offers detailed battles with stunning effects. Two teams battle based on their Monster selection strategy, trying to defeat all opponents with varying powers. The game requires skill and planning, and will keep developing after the series of closed alpha tournaments. 

Battle for Giostone Prepares for Genesis NFT Collection

Batlle for Giostone aims to bring NFT to the game, while taking care to offer special value for its Genesis collection. The game has already launched its BFG token, which also works as a pass to the early alpha stage of the game. 

The NFT sale may be one of the next events for the game, besides the occasional giveaways.

At the current stage, the game does not require NFT ownership, but players can test their characters, by picking their clan belonging, equipment and powers. 

Battle for Giostone will be relatively slow in adding Web3 features. The game only completed its IDO through Avalaunch, dropping the BFG token. BFG uses the Avalanche Trader Joe decentralized trading platform, and for the past couple of weeks established a price level of around $0.056.

The game team warns early players to avoid impersonators, offering promises of access to the NFT collection. For now, there is no official announcement or set date for the Genesis collection or other mint events.

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