Binance NFT Goes into Maintenance, Closes NFT Deposits

BinanceNFT will close deposits for new collectibles for at least 24 hours.
  • Avoid sending NFT items close to the maintenance window, or the items will be permanently lost.
  • BinanceNFT now has more than $1B in turnover, and has curated 17 high-profile games.
  • Mobox, STEPN and The Sandbox are among top projects boosted by BinanceNFT.

Binance NFT, one of the biggest marketplaces for collectible items and playable characters, will go through maintenance on May 12. The upgrade will take 24 hours, starting from 2:00 UTC.

Binance NFT is highly active in hosting the items of games such as Mobox NFT Farmer. But any NFT deposited during the maintenance period will be lost. Additionally, Binance will close its NFT wallets 10 minutes before the maintenance period. It is best to give leeway for any last transactions pending, to avoid loss. 

Also avoid sending NFT to Binance’s marketplace before given the all-clear through official channels. 

Binance NFT is Key to P2E Games

Recently, BinanceNFT surpassed $1B in turnover, for new mints, primary listings, mystery box events or secondary listings. BinanceNFT has curated a total of 17 IGO for high-profile games, among them The Sandbox and the various games of Mobox, including NFT Farmer, MOLand Defense and MOMOverse. 

BinanceNFT also reaches more than 256K users, and allows for NFT buying, selling and staking. BNB, the native asset of the Binance Smart Chain, still hovers above $310, with most NFT preserving at least some value. 

BinanceNFT also carried the recent STEPN Asics sneaker NFT sale. 1,000 exclusive items were offered during the peak of STEPN fame. The collection, however, proved risky, losing 28% of its floor price. 

The Genesis StarSharks Mystery Box, however, fared much better, with a 300% floor price growth to 480 BUSD. NFT items are highly unpredictable, but some manage to preserve their price and trade higher. 

Mobox Opens Early Game Access

The Mobox collection of games is one of the most prominent projects that was curated and promoted by BinanceNFT. 

Mobox has now opened downloads for its MOMOVerse game, with multiple modes to battle and generate resources.

The NFT game is also among the busiest in terms of value locked and daily player participation. NFT Farmer is a gamified DeFi, where staking the NFT is the source of value. BSC also hosts Mines of Dalarnia and Bomb Crypto, lining up among the most active games with more than 3K players registered on-chain per day.

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