Bingo Family NFT Game Brings Old Game Model to Web3

Bingo Family is based on Binance Smart Chain and will use PancakeSwap to trade its token.
  • Bingo Family matches take less than two minutes to set up a winner.
  • The game will have free mode with Points used to trade and buy NFT.
  • PvP paid mode will give more competitive opportunities and offer higher earnings.

Bingo Family is a filly live NFT game with a simple model based on classic Bingo entertainment. The game has been globally launched since August 2022, and serves a niche for idle mini-games on mobile. Bingo Family is now fixing a recent bug of losing points due to a DDOS attack. 

The bonus event is that new users will receive bonus points for signing up in the next few days.

The bonus points will compensate users who also lost their accounts due to the DDOS attack. 

Bingo Family Aims for Fast, Easy Gaming

The main premise of Bingo Family is a PvP match based on a Bingo game with an element of luck. The speedy matches last under two minutes and have a clear winner. 

Bingo Family has an agile invitation system, ensuring a growing user base, in addition to bonuses for new signups. The goal is to offer a fair and competitive venue, with fun-first, following similar Web2 games, now with added token and NFT features. 

The game will have a free mode, as well as paid mode where players will need to get BGOF tokens and purchase Bingo cards. But the same game is available for free, where players can progress and use their Points to acquire NFT. 

Bingo Family to Bring PvP Paid Mode in Future Update

The PvP paid game will come in a future upgrade, and will offer more engagement, prizes, as well as more earnings matches and events during the day. In free mode, some of the entry fees will be paid in Points, and will offer a 24-hour cycle with leaderboards. This is to avoid making the game pay-to-play or pay-to-win.

At the same time, the BGOF token will be used more as the game progresses. Bingo Family will aim to build an in-game NFT market and allow all other transactions between players from within the app.

The game’s play-and-earn value will come from time spent in the game, as well as the element of skill and luck. Players will advance when they do not make mistakes and incur penalties.

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