Bless Global Arrives to Expand Web3 Adoption with January 10 Launch

Bless Global aims to bring a high-grade metaverse and MMPROG with a balanced in-game economy.
  • Bless Global is based on the Bless PC game with high-end medieval fantasy graphics.
  • The new version is free, with special perks for VIP pass holders.
  • Bless Global offers a game-first economy with BLEC tokens and multiple types of NFT.

Bless Global aims to build an AAA-grade MMORPG with Web3 functionalities. The game will offer an impressive 3D metaverse with console-grade medieval fantasy characters. In the current early beta version, the mobile app on Android already brought 5K downloads. 

Despite the initial tests and downloads, Bless Global is also marking its official launch this January 10. Bless Global is based on the world and characters of the already well-known PC game Bless, with added Web3 features. The game is published by Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of the Korean company Longtu. Over the past two years, Bless Global has been optimized to turn some of the in-game objects into NFT and build a value system without rampant token inflation.

Before the official date, Bless Global ran a soft launch with servers open. But after the official launch, all players must download the new version. There is no need to have a VIP pass to play, the game will start out as free. However, holders of VIP passes can still use them in the new version and accrue higher-tier rewards. 

Bless Global to Offer Integrated Wallet Ecosystem

Bless Global will be synchronized across all versions to reflect game progress, but only the mobile version will be able to access BLEC tokens and all NFT gained in the game. NFT and BLEC can also be de-crafted for resources within the game. 

Bless Global will use the technology supplied by PocketBuff to integrate a game identity with a wallet to hold tokens and NFT. The game will have integrated access to NFT and token transfers, swaps, as well as communication between players. 

Pocket Buff also has a lineup of similar games to be released in the future – Sword and Magic, Tera, and Code Name: MT. 

By the end of Q1, the game plans to gain liquidity on PancakeSwap to give BLEC tokens a market price. An NFT marketplace will also be added to the game soon after the official launch. However, Bless Global will be a game-first project, adding trading and swapping features down the line. Pocket Buff has also partnered with exchanges including ByBit and KuCoin for potential listings.

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