Undead Blocks Launches Official Daily Earnings

Undead Blocks will start daily missions with payouts from February 28.
  • Undead Blocks will allow all players to complete missions for ZBUX.
  • NFT owners will get Gold ZBUX which can be traded for other tokens.
  • Mobile and browser version of Undead Blocks may be coming in 2023.

Undead Blocks remained one of the more advanced Web3 games with a sustainable earnings model. Over the past year, Undead Blocks relied on regular tournaments, each with a significant prize pool. 

The game’s main value came from NFT, and there was no emphasis on either UNDEAD or the in-game Zbux tokens. Now, there will be an official launch adding daily earnings to Undead Blocks. 

While the game will be free to access as usual, the daily earnings will be only available for Genesis and Apocalypse weapon collections. Undead Blocks has remained one of the most traded NFT collections, encouraging holding by the first early buyers. The NFT are functional within the game, with special advantages for specific zombie challenges. 

But the goal of the NFT was also to mark users for specific rewards down the line. Undead Blocks still has the tokenomics of inflationary Zbux within the game and a tradable UNDEAD token. 

Undead Blocks also releases additional packs, special rewards and NFT collections tied to specific challenges. There is still no information on other collections that will be eligible for earnings. 


There is renewed interest in Genesis weapons trading, with $9.8K in volume in 24 hours after the announcement of the daily rewards. 

Free Players can Also Earn Zbux

Free players with no high-grade NFT can still earn ZBUX in the game. Their goal will be to exchange the tokens for mystery boxes with additional weapons. Free players will complete missions for the chance to win skins and cosmetic items, with no ability to swap tokens for other assets.

Initially, the VIP version will be a solo mission against waves of zombies. In a later update, the game will also add multiplayer mode for VIP weapon holders. VIP players can also earn regular and Gold ZBUX, the latter being exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies. The NFT owners will not receive any passive rewards, and all daily gains will be based on skill and real engagement with missions completed.

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