Bomb Crypto Marketplace Gains Top Spot After Upgrade

Bomb Crypto Heroes are key to resisting natural disasters in the Amazon adventure mode.
  • Bomb Crypto remains top 6 game on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Senspark Games hosts the only significant Hero and Home marketplace.
  • BCOIN keeps the $0.07 level after a monthly low dip to $0.03.

Bomb Crypto is one of the P2E games aiming to survive the market downturn and the appeal of NFT items. The game still rides on its overall fame as one of the most active hubs on Binance Smart Chain.

New Marketplace Rules Give More Control Over NFT Heroes

The new marketplace has strict rules specific to the game, starting with a 20% steep listing fee. A more restrictive rule also means players cannot transfer their NFT between accounts, and they must go through the Marketplace. The new rules alter the usual free-for-all NFT market, and put more control in the hands of Senspark, the game and marketplace builder.

Bomb Crypto Heroes only have a limited representation on OpenSea and no listings on Binance NFT, the hub for BSC-based items. Instead, the price of Heroes is becoming a key part of the game’s economy and there is no way for the floor price to drop. The new rule comes into force at a time when even peak NFT collections are selling out at a lower range with no limits to listing at discount.

Additionally, the Amazon mode requires an S-class Hero that is protected with a shield against natural disasters. The S-class Hero is only produced by fusing five regular Hero NFT, bought only from the official Marketplace.

The new market also has minimal prices for the Heroes, not allowing competition to the bottom. This will prevent some sellers from posting a lower asking price. In theory, players can list their Heroes or Houses while also playing in the game, until a sale occurs, but this approach is not recommended. 

Bomb Crypto still has more than 5.41K users and is ranked as the sixth busiest game on Binance Smart Chain. The game got a boost after the launch of Amazon Adventure Mode, where the player competes against natural forces.

BCOIN, the game’s native asset, recovered from its monthly lows and now hovers around $0.07. BCOIN can be staked for passive rewards, though its rapidly unraveling value discourages users from holding for the long term.

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