Nakamoto Games Prepares for Mobile App with Multi-Game Access

Nakamoto Games will select 35 of its 180+ mini-games to include in the mobile app coming in the next couple of months.

Nakamoto Games is continuing with its overhaul in 2023, reaching the final stretch before offering a mobile app. The same model will apply for the app, with multiple games available and united in a single ecosystem with the NAGA token. 

Nakamoto Games just completed its May sprint, building toward Nakaverse 2.0.

The growth of Nakamoto Games makes it an important platform, which targets both players and Web3 developers. Nakamoto Games offers building and tokenization opportunities on one side, and a platform to host and expose games. 

The mobile app will contain 35 of the most popular Nakamoto Games in the collection. Launching on mobile may expand the Nakamoto Games audience of more than 500K registered users.

The mobile app will bring in a selection out of a total of 180 mini-games featured on the platform. 

Nakamoto Games relies on mini-games, puzzles and semi-idle features to keep up engagement, while seamlessly integrating its NAGA token and in-game NFT. The details of earnings, tournaments and prizes are different for each game, including third-party products. 

The availability of multiple games makes Nakamoto a constant source of engagemen through tournaments. Nakamoto Games also uses Polygon, one of the fastest, readily-available networks for Web3. 

Nakamoto Games Builds Resilient, Scalable Tokenomics

One of the main features of Nakamoto Games is that they are fully tokenized, yet in a sustainable manner. Tournaments and competitions build their prize pool from fees. The main NAGA token is also avoiding inflationary supply growth.

Players on Nakamoto Games will need the NAGA token to join game lobbies. Each game has also issued its form of NFT that works as a pass. Those items can be submitted to game lobbies, where NAGA tokens are consumed. 

The value of Nakamoto Games thus grows with the player base, and NAGA supply is always tied to the game activity. User count is also tied to the NFT available in the marketplace, making every user carry value. Winners then take extra benefits by taking the tournament prize pool.

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