Continuum World Goes Live with First Explorers Open Beta, Listed on Superb Games

Continuum World will offer a long list of missions, each repeated a limited number of times.
  • Continuum World is a farming game with a cartoonish style and a mix of wild and cultivated resources.
  • Buildings such as greenhouses, trading stations and windmills will bring passive income.
  • The game will bring leaderboards with UM tokens prize pool.

Continuum World is a simulated farming and civilization-building game, with playable and upgradable avatars. The goal is to gain resources, upgrade the avatar and earn UM tokens, as well as potential earnings from reselling items and avatars.

First Explorers is the first live version of the game, which is available after a long waiting period in the pre-launch phase.

New players will receive a 10-pack of free batteries to kick-start the game. Additionally, Continuum World will get exposure from being on the Superb Games hub, which already hosts multiple successful P2E projects.

Continuum World has been developed by an experienced team, though it still faced some setbacks before building a public version.

Continuum World Requires Significant Resources for NFT Ownership

The main difference with Continuum World is that the NFT will not be minted easily or freely. Initially, players can still own avatars or buildings. However, in-game NFT production will require effort and time. 

Players can gather wild resources, or rely on cultivation. Owning or renting buildings can also significantly increase resource production. The game also releases quests, which can be repeated a limited number of times. Quests are renewed when depleted and are a main source of wild-spawning resources. 

When the game advances, players also move on to base building, where some of the productive buildings will be an important hub for passive income. Buildings include production greenhouses, windmills or trading stations.

Continuum World is free-to-play and free-to-earn, with every player capable of starting on a resource-generation path. However, owning Umi avatar equipment, or buildings, greatly speeds up the resource game. Resources also depend on biomes within the game, with each one producing a different harvest and resources.

In addition to PvE play, the game will start with a leaderboard and a prize pool of 5M UM tokens. Additionally, a total of 100,000 missions will be available to advance in the game. UM tokens have limited trading on PancakeSwap, and will function as a regular decentralized token on Binance Smart Chain.

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