Flair SDK Offers 3D Onboarding and Builds Game Portfolio

Flair has connected to some of the top blockchains for NFT and
  • Flair SDK connects to the top blockchains, offering tools for faster development.
  • The toolset helps create mints, allow lists, tokenization and most Web3 functionalities.
  • Flair SDK has been used by the Metagates Online game.

Flair SDK offers a Web3 building package that is marketed specifically to game producers. Flair makes communication with existing blockchains easier, and is capable of onboarding existing games to Web3. Flair has been active since Q4, 2022, and is now a fully available toolset for new teams to try for free.

In 2023, Flair SDK has been selected as one of the emerging powerful toolsets, offering automation and standardized communication tools. Flair SDK offers API and pre-built smart contracts to add some of the most common Web3 features. 


Flair SDK offers both the ability to receive data from the blockchain, and to deploy some of the most common smart contracts, such as staking, voting, and NFT rentals. All the tools are compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, and can work across blockchains. Currently, Flair supports 18 of the leading blockchains, which host most of the known games and apps. 

Flair also offers additional services for onboarding new users, such as relayer API, which allow projects to sponsor transactions with gas fees. The building tools also offer the infrastructure to create allow lists and operate mints without gas wars and with a fair distribution. 

Flair SDK Boosted by High-Profile Partnerships

Flair has already completed most of its partnerships, and adds exposure to its features through all the high-profile blockchains such as Aurora, Alchemy, and Fuse. Flair is also added among the top building tools for each of the high-profile blockchains.

So far, Flair has onboarded the Metagates Online game, a project without an experienced blockchain team. 


Metagates Online is a MMORPG with a fantasy theme, with no player classes. The game’s quests and abilities to fulfill them are tied to the character’s equipment. Abilities can be carried over in weapons and armor. 

The game team has used Flair to create its onboarding packages, in addition to wrapping all the game items as needed into NFT. The Flair software also offers flexible smart contract building, as well as the creation of both NFT and on-chain tokens to be used within games. 

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