Crypto Raiders Introduces New Characters in Latest Update

Crypto Raiders aims to expand its app-based access and add in-game features to forge more items.
  • Crypto Raiders depends on a mix of resource battles and simulated game bosses.
  • Players need an NFT character to start the game, and the character can be killed and lost.
  • Crypto Raiders expanded its iOS access with a testable mobile app.

Crypto Raiders is a retro pixel game with a dungeon theme. Players team up and compete, seek weapons and level up. The game is also focused on its Hero characters, adding a layer of P2E on a game with a free start.

The game also plans to add a forging mechanism to transform items and produce new types of weapons or helmets. 

The complete forging mechanism is expected to arrive at the end of September, boosting the types and levels of NFT available in the game. 

Crypto Raiders requires the acquisition of a character NFT. The game requires the raiding of a dungeon, with resources and game bosses. Characters can be killed and the player may lose their advancements. 

Crypto Raiders offers skins, potions, and weapons, as well as simulated battles based on the character’s stats. In this way, Crypto Raiders recalls simulated racing games like Pegaxy, where there is a weighted competition and not skilled gameplay. The simulated battles have known odds of success and failure, avoiding a blind risk of losing the character.

Crypto Raiders Aims for App Growth, Still Has Slow Crypto Side Adoption

Crypto Raiders is based on Polygon, though barely noticed among the top 200 list of games. Not all game events are reflected on the blockchain, and the game may have wider adoption through its mobile apps. About a week ago, Crypto Raiders introduced its first testing as an iOS app for testing. The Android version is still available as an APK download. 

Currently, most of the game’s events are used up to showcase the team’s work on upgrades. But the game may also offer airdrops and special in-game tournaments. 

Crypto Raiders NFT are already trading on OpenSea, with 2.3K ETH available so far. The rarest Heroes have resold for as high as 17.95 ETH, though currently the most accessible ones retail at 0.006 ETH.

The RAIDER game token is now held by 5,035 addresses. The token peaked in late 2021 just after the launch of trade, at above $11. Currently, RAIDER depends on decentralized pairs and trades around $$0.08.

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