Blast Royale: Brawler Battle Royale with NFT Equipment

Battle Royale requires players to enter matches with three pieces of equipment.
  • Blast Royale offers a mix of free play and an advancement arc by owning NFT equipment.
  • Players explore a metaverse and visit battle zones for PvP matches.
  • Battle Royale is tokenized, though earnings are available only for NFT holders.

Blast Royale is coming on stage as the next-generation brawler and battle royale game. At this stage, Blast Royale has already logged 5K downloads of its beta version mobile app. The game is entering a highly active period, opening its first Town Hall space this weekend.

Blast Royale is already becoming a competitive hub with leaderboards, based on trophies earned in the game.

Blast Royale is also community-oriented, with tournaments, guilds, PvP mode, and social space. The end goal is to create a highly engaged community and copy the success of Web2 brawler games, with added earnings and NFT benefits. The community will also have a say in the game’s potential developments. 

Battle Royale is trying to reach the US and Japanese markets, where battle royale games and brawlers had top success in the past year. 

Blast Royale Offers Upgrades Through NFT Ownership

Battle Royale pits two players against each other, each required to hold three equipable items. The equipment can be free or owned as NFT. Players can also discover new equipment on the map, or loot other players. However, not all items can be kept beyond PvP matches. Rewards are then distributed based on leaderboards with comparable performance.

All rewards can be upgraded to higher-level items and can be resold if owned as NFT. The game also rewards Coins, which have utility within battles. Players can swap redundant equipment for Coins, and then spend the coins to mint NFT equipment, or repair items already owned as NFT.

Battle Royale will also have a metaverse with hotspots for battles, instead of a simple arena. The game has also been optimized for live players and against bot usage.

Blast Royale will be available as free-to-play, though free players may have more difficulties with advancements. Owning at least 1 NFT can help players earn CS and BLST tokens, which can then be used to upgrade and advance faster. BLST tokens are still unlisted, but there may be an IDO sale in the near future, as well as trading on an external market.

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